Tinyiko khoza

Paplinah Designs pty

What does your company do?

We Design and Manufacture variety of Clothing line.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success started when we Design hair accessories from scraps and damaged materials, designing hair accessories with the leftover peices that were supposed to be recycled, instead we use the piecces to make other hair products. Which are in high demand and the most pleasant experience, is we now supply big shops like Spar ( Hazyview Mall ) Another Success happened to us, was when we launched a kiddie dress, which the design originates from us, gone viral and started seeing people from different provinces placing orders and seeing other designers get inspired to design the same designs was really a big success for us. Another Success just happed recently was getting large orders from schools to manufacture school uniforms.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest huddle is motivating employees, to work toward a goal In a set of a meeting to offer words of encouragement so we may move in one mind with positivity towards our goal to progress on our daily basis. Making sure they understand their tasks.While working together, And coming up with strategies for effective work progress. Making sure they share their achievements And also evaluate the team progress and how to proceed. Also creating time to address Challenges inside the business and how we can overcome them. It happens when one misses the meeting, we reach them by sending them emails about the meeting and the discussion, therefore we make sure no one misses the information that helps the team win.