Tolamo Mokhoenyana

Puo Publications & Production

What does your company do?

Puo Publications & Production is a digital media production, broadcasting and publishing company based in Mabopane, Pretoria. We publish a digital magazine and newspaper with an online radio and television channel. Visual journalism is at the forefront of our vivid storytelling as we use captivating visuals to offer branding & marketing, advertising as well as news delivery. As Founder & CEO, it is my passion, zeal and resilience that sustains my business. I use my smartphone to curate articles, edit and produce videos, conduct online interviews as well as manage my business. There is so much fire in my spirit and its relentless pursuit of success regardless of my circumstances. I embrace errors for it is often through failure that I discover breakthroughs. At Puo, we have attended events with a stall, featured some of the most talented individuals, nominated for awards and inspired communities to be hopeful and resourceful. What makes our work unique is the authenticity and intentions we put out with each artwork.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success at Puo is being recognized as the fastest growing digital media company in our community and our will to go on despite the countless rejection we've faced. That no matter how many reasons we have to quit, we always find reasons to continue because we believe in what we do, work on ourselves consistently and put action towards achieving goals. No one's "NO" is enough to stop us, we have our YES and that is why we trust and invest in our potential.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Having too much work to do and too many ideas to implement with minimal resources at my disposal. Wanting to do everything alone especially when it comes to business management simply because of my attachment to my business. I am however learning to trust in my team and their abilities. I am also more capable of delegating tasks than before which allows other members of my team more responsibility and opportunities to grow.