Trudy Theledi

Bloom with grace T/U Invest edge

What does your company do?

Bloom with Grace, founded in 2019 (with the financial edition launched in 2022) is a transformative force in South Africa's youth empowerment landscape, dedicated to bridging the gap in financial literacy. Through innovative programs and educational campaigns, the organization empowers young people with essential financial knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve economic stability. With a steadfast commitment to democratizing access to financial resources, Bloom with Grace not only cultivates individual empowerment but also fosters a brighter, more prosperous future for communities across the nation.

What is your biggest success?

Our greatest achievement is the impact we make and the turnout at our events. We host annual events/workshops in Joburg and now in Cape Town as well. We also take great pride in the large financial institutions such as Allan Gray that have been crucial to our impact.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been finances, we have not fully registered the entity because we don’t want the annual/monthly tax and cost implications that come with registration as we’ve not been financially sponsored yet, these events have been out of the pocket of our founder and donation of venue from Allan Gray. It is only after our Cape Town event this year where we began to attract financial sponsorship. Now it is possible to register the business as its own entity to fully run. Our staff have been serving on a volunteer basis believing in our work and also hold part time jobs until we can generate revenue.