Tryphina Mosomane

TM Foods SA

What does your company do?

TM Foods SA is a Social Entreprise that is a Manufacture of Herbal Products such as Bottled Beetroot, Herbal Tea Remedies and Herbal Bath Salt. Our Companies core Focus is on Providing Alternative Health Rememdies to Demographics that cannot Afford or Have access to Adequate healthcare. One of Our Values is that We are People Centred, Our Business Model Revolves around Social and Community Engagements and Empowerment Programmes in Regards to Health in Rural Areas and How to Address shortages or Access to Basic Health Care through our Alternative Health Remedies and Tea's

What is your biggest success?

Our Greatest Achievements sinch our Launch have been the Following - 2018 Female Farmer of the Year In Limpopo - 2018 Agro Processor of the Year In Limpopo - 2018 Female Entrepreneur of the Year In Limpopo - 2024 Hollywood Bets Foundation Bambelela Awards 2nd Place Runner up for Best Entrepreneur - 2024 Finalist for Inspirational Woman of the Year Limpopo Business Woman

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our Biggesst Hurdle has been Overcoming Financial Challenges that Come with Managing a Successful Business. Starting a New Business means facing a lot of uncertainties and being able to Adapt to the changing market Conditions and that hurdle of Finding the right foundation has been the Hurdle to remember.