Tshego Moholo

Suitable Helper Africa NPC

What does your company do?

SUITABLE HELPER AFRICA - Strengthening marriages and families through education, support, and resources. - Promoting healthy relationships, communication, and conflict resolution skills. - Providing counseling, therapy, and coaching services for couples and families. - Offering workshops, seminars, and conferences on topics like parenting, financial management, and relationship building. - Supporting families in crisis, such as those affected by divorce, addiction, or trauma. - Encouraging family values, like empathy, forgiveness, and respect.

What is your biggest success?

Growing Suitable helper community in 7 Provinces. Building a strong, active community of supporters, volunteers, and advocates. Touching lives by making a positive impact on families, marriages and children. Touching one family at a time by providing Emotional and Physical support, Feeding families. Building a safe space for Men/ Husbands and reaching over 50 Men.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Securing consistent funding and achieving financial stability. Forming and maintaining effective partnerships with other organizations, businesses, and stakeholders. Recruiting, retaining, and engaging volunteers, It has always been a challenge to retain volunteers and encouraging them to remain. Recruiting skilled people which is sometimes costly.