Tshegofatso Isaac

Scent Bucket

What does your company do?

Scent Bucket is an innovative online retailer specialising in meticulously crafted scented products. From luxurious candles to captivating wax melts and refreshing room & linen sprays, we offer a range of handcrafted items designed to elevate your sensory experience. Each product is carefully curated to ensure exceptional quality and enchanting fragrances that transform any space into a haven of relaxation and ambiance.

What is your biggest success?

The biggest success has been building a loyal community of scent enthusiasts who trust us to deliver exceptional quality and captivating fragrances. By focusing on craftsmanship and curating a diverse range of scented products, we've been able to create memorable sensory experiences for our customers. Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction and personalised service has helped us foster strong relationships and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Seeing our customers' joy and satisfaction when they experience our products is truly rewarding and fuels our drive to continue innovating and delighting our audience.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The greatest challenge has been gaining exposure and effectively showcasing our products to a broader audience. Despite offering exceptional scented products, breaking through the noise of the competitive market and reaching potential customers has proven to be a significant hurdle. Overcoming this obstacle requires strategic marketing efforts, creative promotional tactics, and leveraging various channels to increase visibility and brand awareness. We are continually exploring innovative ways to enhance our reach and connect with more individuals who share our passion for premium scents.