Tshidi kekana

Chicken inn Gallon

What does your company do?

Chicken inn Gallon , started as a Restaurant in our small town, when time goes on I noticed lot of talent in Frankfort I our youth ,I started to make event, I called Them MAFUBE sing along,on this event I book celebrities, artist, radio personalities, to be part of the event, I would than bring all up coming youth, Djs, artists from MAFUBE to perform to show off their talent to all the artist in the event then on every event they will pick one or two up coming and help them to get in the big industry, am doing all this because unemployment rate is high , so we doing everything to help the youth and bring opportunity close to them so everyone can win

What is your biggest success?

I took two up cumin DJs to Lesedi FM radio, took upcoming artists to go sing in big festival, part of the biggest soccer tournament in my community that help youth with a lot of prices tha where won, part of the foundation that helps with sanitary towels in public schools, giving the need food parcels

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Semito MAFUBE sing along event