Tshwarelo Mkhabela

Educational Trips and Tours (pty)ltd

What does your company do?

At Educational Trips and Tours, we are dedicated to revolutionizing education through experiential learning. Our mission is to inspire students, empower teachers, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable education system in South Africa. Our Approach: We design custom educational trips and tours that go beyond traditional classroom learning. Our trips are crafted to engage students in hands-on experiences, encourage cultural exchange, and broaden their horizons. What Sets Us Apart: - Engaging and interactive learning experiences tailored to educational goals. - Experienced guides and facilitators who bring subjects to life. - Commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and social impact. - Collaborative partnerships with schools and communities to extend learning opportunities to all students. Our Impact: - Providing students with transformative educational experiences that ignite curiosity and passion for learning. - Supporting teachers in professional development and innovative teaching practices. - Fostering connections and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds. - Partnering with underprivileged schools to offer subsidized or free trips for students in need.

What is your biggest success?

Supporting an educational excursion for underprivileged children residing in an orphanage.ged and live in an Orphanage

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One significant challenge I face in my business is effectively managing finances while juggling a full-time job as a teacher and other personal commitments. Balancing these multiple responsibilities can be overwhelming and make it difficult to dedicate the necessary time and attention to ensuring the financial health and success of my business. To overcome this hurdle and achieve profitability and success in my business, I may need to streamline financial processes, seek support from financial experts or tools, and establish a clear schedule or routine that allows me to allocate time for managing finances alongside my other responsibilities. By addressing this challenge proactively and implementing effective strategies for financial management, I can work towards building a thriving and sustainable business.