Tumelo Makofane

Jibby Media

What does your company do?

We are a Marketing Agency that currently focuses on digital marketing as a start. Ideally we plan to grow into a one-stop shop for all marketing and branding needs. In a nutshell we bring brands to life. This is beautifully encapsulated by our slogan "Where ideas ignite and Brands Shine". We work with growing businesses and organisations who need a marketing team without breaking the bank paying for that full function. We don't just post for the sake of posting, but we also map out with the business owners what their goals are for the next year to 5 years and we come up with a plan to help them achieve that through the avenues that make the most sense for their business. We find joy in seeing the growth and change in their brand presence/awareness and revenue through the work we do with them.

What is your biggest success?

- Definitely hiring my team, that was nerve-wracking as a first time business owner but I got an amazing crew working with me. Also, being able to empower these young ladies to further make an impact as Marketing Professionals is humbling. - Getting my first corporate client. Still being a bit shakey in the knees around running a business I was genuinely very excited about getting Grand Scale CFO as a client.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

- Time. I took on a full time job so that the business can pay the team and all other expenses that pop up. I have however found that this split in time affects how hands on I can be and it's something I'm definitely working on. - Being assertive as a businesswoman especially in terms of pricing my services and talking about money. As someone who has always just focused pushing marketing, crossing over into a space where I have to talk money and payments with clients has definitely been a great learning curve that I know I'll ace and gain confidence in.