Valentine Mabaso

Rock scars

What does your company do?

Rock Scars is a multifaceted brand that promotes self-acceptance, inclusivity, and empowerment. We design and manufacture clothing, accessories, swimwear, and watches that incorporate bold designs and empowering messages. Our products are more than just fashion; they represent a movement towards embracing uniqueness and challenging conventional beauty standards. Additionally, we operate a modeling agency for individuals with scars and skin conditions, providing opportunities for representation and empowerment within the fashion industry. Through our advocacy work, community outreach programs, and online platform, we strive to inspire confidence and promote positive self-image among individuals worldwide. Ultimately, Rock Scars is dedicated to redefining beauty and spreading a message of self-love and acceptance.

What is your biggest success?

One of our biggest successes at Rock Scars has been the profound impact we've had on individuals' lives worldwide. From empowering individuals to embrace their scars and skin conditions to fostering a community of inclusivity and acceptance, our message has resonated deeply with thousands of people. We've received heartfelt testimonials from individuals who have found confidence and self-acceptance through our movement. Additionally, being featured in international media outlets and receiving recognition for our efforts has been a testament to the significance of our mission. However, our greatest success lies in the countless lives we've touched, the stories we've heard, and the sense of empowerment we've instilled in our community. Each person who feels seen, accepted, and empowered through Rock Scars represents a monumental success in our journey of redefining beauty and self-love.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of our biggest hurdles at Rock Scars has been securing capital to scale our operations and expand our reach. As a self-funded initiative for the first five years, accessing resources for growth was challenging. Additionally, while we have not yet partnered with retail stores, our products are exclusively available through e-commerce channels and our website. Overcoming these challenges has required creativity, perseverance, and strategic planning. We continue to explore alternative funding sources and opportunities for retail partnerships while remaining committed to promoting self-acceptance and empowerment through Rock Scars.