Vanessa Adams

Fountain of Hope

What does your company do?

Fountain of Hope (FOH) is a Non-Profit organisation,launched in Chicago,Paarl East in 2014 and have been operational in our communities for the past ten (10) years,helping those in need.All our children come from homes that are affected by drugs,alcohol abuse,gamgsterism and unemployment. We run a Soup kitchen of which we serve Monday to Friday porridge in the mornings and twice a week lunch,and outreach programs throughout the year.The elderly and old age homes are dear ro our hearts,and we love to spoil them from time to time with goodies as well as pampering sessions.Food donations permitting,we do regular outreaches at hospitals and homeless people,and provide the people with some sustenance.(Although we are poor and underprivileged,we believe in sharing is caring) Our programs:sports,educational sessions religious interactions,arts & culture and life skill outings, a Accredited Photography course and Horse therapy sessions. We also have an Internet Cafe to help scholars and college students with registrations and assignments,the community with copies,ID photos,CV`s,ect,and we run school holiday programs to keep our children off the streets.

What is your biggest success?

We belive that our Youth are our future and through our programmes as mentioned above,as well as inspiration speakers,it gives us the opportunity to show them that there is life outside their current circumstances. we We have serveral success stories with youngsters who " their wings" and are doing very well,but also returning to the nest to,in return,give back and prove that it is possible with encouragement and belief from FOH. We also let our elderly know that they are appreciated for their contribution towards building our nation and what they did for us,by making sure they know this and do not feel forgotten. Success stories : Jene Adams - Boland college student Leigh-Ann Adams - Political Councillor ( She lost both her parents at a young age ) Dwayne,Libre ,Sasha-Leigh and Robynay - Hip Hop dancers ( Theirs dance grew qualified for the USA ) Deidre - Works at a Government clinic and youth Councillor.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Over the past ten(10) years our biggest hurdle is funds and space. There are so much we still want to do in our community but space is hampering our goals. Because we depend on donations and sponsorship, to feed and develop our communities,myself and my wife cover 90% of our organisation`s expenses. Transport is also a hurdle at our organisation,especially with transporting our children and pick up of donations. Some of our elderly and disabled people don`t receive or fetch their medication because the clinic is too far from their homes Our biggest hurdle is our beneficiaries home circumstances especially our children and elderly people and disabled people.