Vera Khumalo-Gildenhuys

S2B Group

What does your company do?

S2B Group is a sales and marketing agency based in South Africa that specialises in coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs. Leveraging its expertise in sales and marketing, the agency focuses on increasing top-line revenue, enhancing market access, and building robust digital footprints for small and medium enterprises. S2B Group is committed to developing 1000 entrepreneurs by 2030, providing national online coaching and leveraging strategic partnerships to foster business growth and sustainability. Through tailored educational initiatives and accessible support, the agency aims to empower entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive in competitive markets and contribute positively to their communities.

What is your biggest success?

S2B Group has made significant strides in developing entrepreneurs, especially from previously-disadvantaged backgrounds. In the last 2 years, the agency has successfully developed over 100 SMEs, significantly boosting their top-line revenue through effective coaching and mentoring. A key aspect of S2B Group’s strategy involves forming strategic partnerships with corporations to deliver comprehensive supplier and enterprise development programs, enhancing the support network available to entrepreneurs. S2B Group has started expanding its support for underfunded entrepreneurs, planning to increase allocated slots from 3 to 10 per season. The organisation leverages digital tools to extend its reach, implementing a networking platform and using social media to provide free educational resources like master-classes and webinars. This digital outreach complements their robust internal culture, where team members actively contribute to nurturing and supporting entrepreneurial talent, driving both individual and regional economic growth.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

S2B Group faces several challenges in its mission to develop and support entrepreneurs. One significant hurdle is securing consistent funding and resources, crucial for expanding support programs to reach more entrepreneurs. Navigating the diverse needs of entrepreneurs across different industries also poses challenges, requiring tailored solutions and strategies to effectively address each sector's unique demands. Another challenge involves the implementation of digital transformation initiatives, such as the development and scaling of a robust networking and guiding platform. Ensuring this platform provides comprehensive and accessible support to entrepreneurs demands continuous technological investment and innovation. Moreover, while S2B Group's proactive recruitment and support culture is a strength, maintaining this high level of engagement and personal commitment across all team members can be demanding. As the organisation scales, preserving this culture and ensuring all new team members embody these values can be challenging, impacting the consistency and quality of the support provided to entrepreneurs.