Vuyiswa Dlamini

Nolitha - a ray of light

What does your company do?

The NPO currently works with a school in Umlazi and Watersmeet. This is how the NPO has empowered the learners at the schools that we have worked with: • Organised career days at the schools, so that the learners are exposed to the various careers • Assisted learners with their tertiary applications and at times paid for their application fee • Assisted learners with their applications for funding • Established of prize-giving ceremonies to keep the learners motivated

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest achievement each year is when the learners we have assisted with their tertiary applications, write back to us to inform us that they are settling in well at school. We will continue to track their progress to see if they graduate on time.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Dealing with the number of learners who wish to pursue their tertiary education but we cannot reach as many schools as we would like as we have limited funding. We can only pay for a few learners per year. We would love to pay for all the learners that we assist with their tertiary applications.