Wilhelmina Andrews-Sheldon

Walk17 (pty) ltd Trading as WSPerfumes

What does your company do?

We provide the following services: With smells, we are creating a timeline therapy and re-writing a new narrative to assist the individual to become unstuck and lead them on a path of self-discovery. WS Perfumes focuses on the person as an individual to ensure that self-confidence is restored and everyone that experiences WS Perfumes has renewed self-belief and confidence to continue living a well-balanced life. WS Perfumes sells and supplies existing on the market fragrances as well as creating Signature Fragrance for our clients. We ensure a service with superior quality at affordable rates to our customer. We strive for customer service, quick order turnaround, and superior quality and craftsmanship. We Provide workshops and training within the art of perfumery and the business skills to become self-reliant and employable. We provide workshops with the youth where we facilitate Perfume Workshops which includes an introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship. Our CSI initiatives in partnership with willing corporates allow us to contribute to the various NGO platforms we engage with to create employment and employment readiness.

What is your biggest success?

Building a business is always a great challenge in this economy and environment. I have attended various programs and workshops in Cape Town and around the country meeting many people of influence. I have collaborated with various celebrities creating personalised perfumes. I have also appeared on local television shows and various radio shows. My biggest success I believe was when I started doing workshops and helping our youth become confident in themselves; help build believe and courage to step out in the market place. I was amazed to see some of them flourish to open there own small businesses and become entrepreneurs with confidence. My biggest success is to contribute to the unemployment of South Africa and many communities.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The ability to get finances to grow the business to ensure growth and scaling happens. Operations expenses is a challenge and access to funding to allow growth is a major hurdle. A suitable Mentor or Coach from the Seda / Seta industries will be beneficial. The growth to incorporate Enterprise Development and Supplier development is hampered by lack of knowledge and access to proper training initiatives on process and proper documentation clarification is a constant challenge.