Yolanda Mbolompo

Afro bae

What does your company do?

Afro bae LTD is company that manufactures natural hair products. after seeing the struggle women with natural hair go though, there is not enough products on the market pr the ones that are available are expensive. afro bae saw the gap and came in to introduce chemical free products that will be suitable for all genders and ages, and the response from the market has been amazing.

What is your biggest success?

Yolanda Mbolompo is the founder of the Groom a Village Child Foundation. She believes that every child can perform and behave well when they are in a healthy and loving environment. Photos: Supplied/Health For Mzansi She founded her hair brand Afro-bae in 2019. She is also currently engaged in estate enterprises, farming with both grain crops and livestock, and she has also established the Groom a Village Child Foundation where she helps other children in need. Mbolompo says people function better in environments where they are valued. “Love reassures, encourages, applauds, gives chances, holds your hand and because of that love we become confident, self-aware and we always want to do better.” She adds that caring and sharing is in her veins and that she is also currently in the process of fostering. a child. Mbolompo attributes her ability to heal to the lessons she learned from life to having an open heart. Award-winning Nelson Mandela Bay entrepreneur Yolanda Mbolompo added another feather to her cap when she won the title of the Most Influential Social Media Content Creator in SA. Accompanying the new title is almost a million rand worth of prizes including a car, cash, a cellphone and a stint in a new SA production.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I am one of the distributors for Afro bae. So, I would know the hurdles.