Yonela kulani

The Alenoy IT Solutions

What does your company do?

The ALENOY IT SOLUTIONS is an IT company that is based in small town called Lusikisiki in eastern cape..Alenoy is my name Yonela backwards I started this company with the hope of introducing kids from small age to IT environment which I never did and it was very hard for me to even have money for internet café because I didn't have parents so I've already introduced it to few schools but now we don't have resources as I'm planning to start a technical workshop that is going to accommodate kids from 7 years old to have access to technical not just computer but technical. We have a small office that we are renting and we have 1 permanent and 1 intern, we also use it as workshop and Admin. We have land already but we don't have money to build the workshop.. There are schools that we work with but it is a challenge to keep up with the promise as we thought it was going to be few kids that will be interested but now it is a lot so I had to stop the program till we have a safe workshop.. I have 10 years technical experience (4 years with Konica Minolta which they took me as a student till I finish my color master with Konica Minolta Japan and we only 5 of us here in south Africa and I'm the only female) while I was with minolta I got an offer with Nashua and I was there for 4 years as field engineer then I left to The ALENOY IT SOLUTIONS.. With Moment funding will help me a lot to sleep at night knowing very well well that there is a child that is gaining an experience at 6 years

What is your biggest success?

I'll start by saying to manage to hire 2 permanent employees was the biggest success ever, then the partnership with big companies to train me

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Firstly was to loose my car while I need it the most to do my field service call and people stealing from me