Zaahira Essay Jogee

The Ruya Project

What does your company do?

Free eye care services to the most vulnerable in underprivileged communities

What is your biggest success?

Initially, when the project first started in 2016, our biggest challenge was getting qualified optometrists to help us test at screening events. Since 2020, through collaboration with different universities, we are now able to screen and test 100 people at each event. This is a considerable achievement as eye testing done is complete and comprehensive, which on average takes about 30 minutes per person. In 2023, we expanded to KwaZulu-Natal as well.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Financial support to purchase better and more advanced equipment. One of the core values of The Ruya Project is that we would like for every person attending our event to experience the same level of care as they would at any private practice, and for that, we would like to purchase equipment to achieve that goal. However, due to lack of funding, this has been a more difficult goal to achieve.