Zaheeda Sonday

all about food

What does your company do?

In 2017, while operating my legal business, I launched a part-time food business. I started preparing homemade meals for working parents who are too busy to cook. It was part-time at first, with a daily menu available Monday through Friday. Our home-cooked meals are delectable, healthy, and and easy to just heat and eat. We moved into a small premises in 2020 where we extended our range to a freshly made frozen range which customers just thaw and heat and eat . We also cater for corporate events and parties.

What is your biggest success?

Every company begins with an idea. Ideas vary in their level of risk. My greatest achievement was a few victories. First, I became strong in the face of criticism from others. How can an advocate make food? Why would anyone give up a legal career? Starting this business was not easy. Being an advocate and entering the food industry was a big step. Making my idea work by producing a high-quality product and attracting repeat customers is, in my opinion, my greatest achievement.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The largest obstacle was that I would sell the products and have no money left over when my business was not profitable. I also made poor stock and money management decisions. However, I persevered because the economy is stagnant and consumers lack the funds to purchase upscale goods. Food prices have increased, etc., and I am just trying to make ends meet and pay my employees.