Zahraa Kazee

The Live2Give Foundation

What does your company do?

A foundation founded by friends, driven by a common purpose; to make a difference together. Our mission is to empower the disadvantaged in our communities by supporting their educational needs. We take pride in raising funds through various sporting activities such as running and cycling.

What is your biggest success?

The exponential growth of our sanitary pad project which started in 2019 with a mere 500 students and has now grown to the consistent support of 3120 learners. In addition, our 2021 fundraiser in which 11 runners covered 660km from JHB to DBN to raise funds for learning and internet projects in our recipient schools. As well as our 2023 fundraiser, a 27-hour non-stop cycle from JHB to DBN to raise funds for pads.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Project Sanitary Pads’ exponential growth underscores the critical importance of addressing menstrual hygiene as a fundamental aspect of women's health and empowerment. While the project has made significant strides in expanding its reach, the escalating demand for donations presents a pressing challenge. The growing need for consistent donors has been a challenge for us, however we have remained committed to finding innovative ways to continue our efforts.