Zama Phakathi-Rambau

Splendid Marketing & Communications

What does your company do?

Splendid Marketing offers a broad spectrum of PR services including Communications, Marketing, Branding, Events Management, Stakeholder Management, Live-streaming, and Reputational Management services. It’s part of Splendid Group, and has a sister company in IT as well, i.e. Splendid IT.

What is your biggest success?

Biggest Success: - Expanding the Business beyond KZN, by getting the business into Gauteng and beyond. - Diversifying my business interests into IT, Health as well as Luxury Car Hire. - Working in 2010 World Cup was also a great milestone. - Winning some big Marketing 3 year contracts for my business from the likes of Ethekwini Municipality, City of JHB, KZN Provincial Government, KZN Tourism, City Power, etc - Employing people in different Provinces and the ability to create jobs is fulfilling.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Hurdles - Managing multiple projects - Dealing with incompetent staff dynamics at times - Managing issues of delayed payments from clients etc