Zandi Manyaku

Hush In My Kitchen (Pty) Ltd

What does your company do?

Hush In My Kitchen is renowned for hosting cooking top-tier masterclasses, available nationwide. Catering to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced cooks, our classes are led by Ms. Hush and other top chefs in the industry. At the heart of Hush In My Kitchen is a commitment to innovation. We craft unique and tantalizing recipes tailored to brands, ensuring memorable experiences for customers. Our creative team excels in producing engaging food and beverage content that captivates audiences. We help brands make a splash in the market with strategic product launch and activation services, whether at their chosen location or incorporated within our top-selling cooking classes. Our exceptional private catering services transform events, offering bespoke culinary experiences for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. Additionally, our bespoke menu design and consultation services are meticulously crafted to match our clients preferences and dietary needs, ensuring every culinary detail is planned and executed to perfection. To take kitchen attire to the next level, we've recently launched a luxury sexy apron collection, combining elegance and functionality for a stylish cooking experience.

What is your biggest success?

As at 28 May 2024, Hush In My Kitchen is a finalist in the 2024 Youth-Owned Branda Awards (YOBA) - TOP 4 youth-owned food and beverage brand in AFRICA. Other successes include: Being featured in over 5 magazine spreads, offering our cooking classes in 7 locations nationwide, sold-out 27 Cooking Masterclasses since July 2022, collaborated with over 40+ prominent brands, engaged Over 350 cooking class participants, developed over 60 recipes and in 2024 launched kiddies cooking classes and cooking retreats.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Finances to grow the business and build a cooking studio which will enable us to reduce operational costs relating to hiring of venues to host classes. Working full-time and having to balance work and the business. I am a qualified CA(SA).