Zandile Cele

Biazo Katalambano primary cooperative / Biazo Women and Youth Empowerment NPC

What does your company do?

Biazo Katalambano primary co operative in collaboration with Biazo Women and Youth Empowerment NPC have 100 hectares of land whereby currently 10 hectares is fenced and we are planting maize, beans, amadumbe, sweet potatoes, pumpkin's, potatoes and butternut. We lead a way towards fighting the significant challenges that are facing our communities such as poverty, hunger, lack of empowerment of women and youth, social ills, malnutrition and high unemployment rate. We empower small farmers towards the best use of land to produce healthy, nutritious crops for their local communities and also for the Globe, by generating economic growth for their communities.

What is your biggest success?

1. 18 December 2023 Biazo Katalambano primary co operative under the leadership of Ms Zandile Cele was nominated work with Ekukhanyeni Traditional Council . Reason for Nominations - Biazo Katalambano primary cooperative fostering economic growth in the community. - Biazo Katalambano primary cooperative reducing poverty and fighting hunger in the community - Biazo Katalambano primary cooperative provide fresh and nutritious food - Biazo Katalambano primary cooperative is creating job for community and also empowering other famers. 2. Knowledge Sharing - We serve as a model for other famers, community and organisations in the sector, showcasing the benefits of adopting sustainable agricultural practices. - By sharing our knowledge and experiences we inspire others and drive positive change in agricultural sector. 3. Market Access - Our project open up new market opportunities for famers in our community, we organise information days, market day's where famers sell their produce and arrange with local retailers to buy produce from local farmers, this improve overall market Access for substance famers. 4. Sustainability - We promote sustainable farming practices such organic farming as we manufacture our own Organic Fertilizer.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Where communities is waiting for government and funding to start agricultural one home one garden, whereby young are suffering of Malnutrition and sadly other succumbed to deaths.