Zandile Cele


What does your company do?

Changing the picture that Nkandla is the poorest place in KZN province by inspiring Youth and Women to be involved in farming to fight unemployment and poverty and change the stigma that farming is for Old,Poor and uneducated people. Hosting farmers information days so that our upcoming farmers will know what they suppose to do and plant as farmers.Hosting Farmers markets day so that ,they can sell their produce and understand what product the markets wants so that they plant what is needed in the market.we collect fruit and vegetables waste to manufacture liquid fertilizer and assists our household as we drive one home one garden campaign as Nkandla we still have cased of children sucums deaths due to malnutrition

What is your biggest success?

Nominated as one of KZN Social Enterprise Champion doing of KZN Social Enterprise Development program.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

We have 10 hectares of land where we plant beans,yellow maize , potatoes, sweet potatoes and taro . Our major hurdle is lacking of working equipment which delay our work as all work in our farm is done manual with hands tools and that affects our harvest as we always late in planting as manuals isn't like machines.