Zandile Mfeka

Zulu Pot Caterers & Events

What does your company do?

Meaningful Conversations with Zandy Mfeka Podcast was born in February 2024, which aims to educate, inspire and entertain Amongst other things I do :- 1. I help young girls in the community find themselves through sport, I manage a soccer team called Amangwane Cosmos Ladies Foodball Club who currently occupy no. 2 in the Verulam League girls are between ages 9 - 23. 2. The podcast raises awareness on Gender Based Violence issues, teaching people about different illnesses each month we gave a theme e.g in April we were raising awareness on Autism acceptance, as unemployment is on the rise we inspire youth with a segment called 'unpopular jobs' to look into other avenues of employment opportunities and entrepreneurship, whilst not leaving behind those in entertainment by giving upcoming artist a platform to showcase their talents. 3. Through events expertise that I have I run a couple of educational events which includes an event which I partnerd with Taz Singh the medium and life coach which is called Holistic Healing for GBV survivors , which is an annual event that focuses on all GBV survivors. This year it's planned to take place during the second weekend of 16 days of activism where an energy healing Practitioner, medium and a Life coach will be invited to help survivors cope and guide survivors to start over. The bigger vision is to put these survivors in training programs that will help them earn their own income to help them start over in life as research proves that's some survivors especially women stay in abusive marriages because of financial reasons however this vission is being held back by a lack of resources. 4. Through different events we educate on all social ill's that affect well being of margilised communities such as LGBTQi+ community a perfect example is an event that is taking place on the 28th June 2024 at the Joburg Theatre. This is an educational event that I made free to enter, all resources are from my own pocket no funding nor sponsor involved or invested on the event thus far as the the purpose is to educate so they public may better accept and understand this community. In the past we have witnessed in our country horrible experience corrective rape and killings of these community members were reported. On the upcoming project I have partnered with Reach for a dream Foundation which is an organization that work with children who are terminal ill. This young girl have asked for a 'room makeover' . When picturesa and videos of the room was sent it brought me to tears. It's not a room but a structure that looks like a deserted place which is not fit to leave humans let alone a terminal ill patient. Iam on a quest to do fundraiser breakfast and a music event to fulfill her dream as the state of the house she leaves in with her aunt and sister is horrible they own one room which needs plater, tiles, ceiling as the roof leaks, cupboard and wardrobes, new curtains and bedding. Thy will also need to be moved temporarily when the project starts.

What is your biggest success?

Annual fundraiser tournaments and holding skill development for soccer team. Hosting successfull educational events.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Lack of resources finances and transport to fulfill some duties