Zanele Njapha

The UnLearners

What does your company do?

We help the world's best organisations build cultures of learning, unlearning & relearning by making change simpler, less scary and fun! 1. Corporate Strategy and Culture We collaborate with organizations to re-envision their strategies and reshape corporate culture. Strategy facilitations span 1 - 3 days and integrate cutting-edge frameworks, probings, case-studies to drive strategic transformation and foster an environment conducive to growth and adaptability. 2. Keynote Address, Workshops and Program Facilitation: Our expert team at The UnLearners delivers engaging keynote addresses, conference moderations, and immersive workshops. These experiences are crafted to inspire, educate, and motivate audiences. Guiding them toward embracing change, innovation, and harnessing the power of unlearning. 3. Business, Leadership & Executive Coaching: Our specialized consulting interventions are tailored to equip individuals and teams with the tools necessary to unlearn obsolete practices and embrace new, innovative methodologies. These combine the above two offerings, with sepcialised neurocoaching to sustain changes in behaviour among those in leadership and the wider team.

What is your biggest success?

One of our biggest successes has to be working with Coca-Cola Europe Finance in Portugal. Them, like many clients found us online amidst a see of other consulting companies and speakers. They had fallen in love with the concept of 'unlearning', so we were a no brainer to work with. This isn't one of our biggest successes just because the client was the European & Finance division of a big multinational - no, but because they represented the growth that the business had achieved (from me speaking for free at Rotary clubs and family events 🤪) and validated the dreams I held tightly to during the months when our business accounts were overdrawn, business was back-breakingly tough and we'd felt so hopeless that I cried more often than not. It reaffirmed the inherent value of our offerings and the desire of the world to transform from the inside out and to work with us to do it. From that engagement onwards, I don't doubt that our dream and our concept is deeply profound because I've seen first-hand what we have the potential to do in and for the world. Since then we've had the pleasure of working with Meta, Hilton and other companies that join our client-base of superb organisations such as Volkswagen, VISA and others :)

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Being young, black and female. I've had to step back from a few opportunities because the client has thought twice after meeting me. Afterwards, they would share that I didn't fit the profile of a competent experienced consultant. Initially, I'd be hurt by this and feel victimised, but I've learnt that ageism and racism are not unique to me. So I can either choose to fight back or find the opportunities that align with what I have to offer and then use these to gain the experience that will make my age and skin colour as irrelevant as is possible. We still get overlooked for these reasons, but I don't see it as a hurdle anymore. It is what it is :)