Zanele Zuma

Zakhanya Fitness (Pty) Ltd

What does your company do?

Provide affordable fully equipped gyms ,exercises classes and diet plan advice to previously marginalised groups prioritising a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. We run 2 gyms in low income and rural areas and offer free gym classes to ladies as well as a youtube channel.TraininbyZah

What is your biggest success?

I have hosted a Body Transformation Challenge where the winner lost 30kg over the year and fully transformed their body. The video is on my channel trainingbyZah. All the other participants also had great improvements. I won the KZN youth business awards youth in sport award in 2022 I reached 500 members collectively through both of my gyms and my free gym class has grown from 3 participants to 100. Getting my community to become actively involved in fitness and healthy living has been a big achievement and it is evidenced by the increase in participation of the years.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Biggest hurdle has been purchasing gym equipment as it is a capital intensive business. I started with only a garage gym and minimal equipment and over the years I reinvested in more equipment ,upgraded and I received donations. Lots of my equipment I manufactured myself and I bought second hand and refurbished it. I had to keep my expenses down so that I can still offer the facilities at such an affordable rate and offer the classes for free. My second biggest hurdle was changing the mindset of my members of my community that gym and training and healthy lifestyle is not a luxury but it is necessity.