Zeenat Isaacs

Sm-art Supporting Mentorship Through Art

What does your company do?

SM-ART Supporting Mentorship Through Art Positivley Transforms impoverished ,under resourced Communities and Lives with much needed implementations incorporating all forms of Art for both Economic Development Employment purposes,Transformation and beautification purposes example Mural Art implementations which beautifies and further Transforms down trodden areas in South Africa,innovations and Projects that Uplift Impact Empower and Educate all round with the magical innovative , powerful incorporation of all forms of art innovatively. Smart as it's known creates employment opportunities , provides Education , accredited skill set training and development,in many areas ranging from Health , Saftey, Environment etc ,Runs various workshops eg ,Job readiness workshops,Art and training skills workshops for businesses and individuals . Sm-art also runs Master Classes and teaches individuals how to be trainers that run classes and after school programmes ,Sm-art provides training on how to start your own business, takes on Thousands giving them employment and for many first time job experience.Sm-art Shelters, clothes, feeds and provides free legal assistance to women and children affected by GBV.Sm-art creates and executes various implementations in and out of Schools eg how to create children's books that are distributed to children in need , promoting reading and a self generated income. Sm-art mentors in all forms of art and how to create arts businesses as well as various other small businesses,NPO's hence Sm-art Brings Change and Hope to South Africans. https://www.satorinews.com/articles/2024-03-19/cape-town-philanthropist-zeenat-isaacs-honored-for-transformative-social-impact-204145

What is your biggest success?

Thus far being recognised and awarded both Locally and Internationally for my Implementations , Projects and innovations all over ,Globally and all over South Africa . Example: Having received the City of Cape Town's Mayoral Honours Award which further recognised my work. Having won the Global Climate Change Upcycling Challenge . Being multi award winning for all that I have done thus far also being a Master Class trainer for City of Cape Town in various Departments. Currently being in the Top Ten in South Africa for my Sports, Cultural and Environmental Impact made which also involved employing South Africans in need. Having reached over 10 000 plus people on record successfully (and counting) . Being the Youngest female in South Africa to have accomplished all I have in the past 20 years while practicing great personal sacrifice . Having the sheer pleasure of being able to have made and brought such great Change for South Africa and it's people in need. https://www.satorinews.com/articles/2024-03-19/cape-town-philanthropist-zeenat-isaacs-honored-for-transformative-social-impact-204145

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Not always being able to reach as many people and communities as per their request, due to lack of finances hence every bit received helps and will intern make a difference to employ more people to assist but also to deliver all Sm-art does. Please see attached Hyperlinks to read more for understanding https://www.dailyvoice.co.za/western-cape/prophet-of-the-city-mayor-hill-lewis-recognises-zeenats-service-to-community-2e274d69-fea0-46f8-a78e-25327ba0c49f https://www.satorinews.com/articles/2024-03-19/cape-town-philanthropist-zeenat-isaacs-honored-for-transformative-social-impact-204145 https://www.iol.co.za/capeargus/news/philanthropist-honoured-for-her-work-after-20-years-7936519c-9b82-4bce-b1fd-b7d9df9b2e7d