Zinhle Purity Duma

Grace Filled Beginnings


What does your company do?

Grace Filled Beginnings, it's an poultry farming business, focusing mainly on Chicken layer, Broilers and hatchery. But currently sell eggs with the aim of making profit to expand the business to what it is originally intended to be.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest so far is seeing my business slowly becoming what I have always dreamed of, being able to work on the step of growing my business which is to start breeding and producing eggs eggs at, and also to able to start the level of becoming the successful Hatchery as I started my incubator for the first. I am learning everyday this is now,not just a dream and just a thought but it's each day becoming a reality.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

-start up capital was my biggest hurdle. -Different eggs suppliers that were not reliable. -Insufficiency of space to keep my products. -Not having enough equipments,tools and PPE's to keep the work going and being able to generate more profit. -The price increase in the poultry farming department,equipments and products due to the crisis of the chicken flue almost all over the world,that costing us more as small farmers amd ending not making enough profit, which is still delaying is from the reaching the dream of bringing employment to our communities.