Ziphozethu Gowa

Taleapp Pty Ltd

What does your company do?

At Tale we're on a mission to make publishing easy. We are doing this by building an easy to use marketplace for authors and publishers. To publish and monetise their content globally in a few easy steps. ( In addition, we offer exceptional hybrid publishing services that are essential in developing author brands and marketing their brands and market their content, which comes in the form of books and articles. We do this with the goal of producing Africa's future best sellers.

What is your biggest success?

My greatest success is finding the strength to believe in myself and my vision. Translating my ideas into reality, I communicated my vision to developers and stakeholders, ultimately benefiting our direct audience with Tale. Starting was the hardest part, but I persevered for four years. My proudest moment was launching Tale, a hybrid publishing agency and online e-publishing marketplace, after countless sleepless nights and significant financial sacrifices. Witnessing it go live was a culmination of my dedication and determination. Tale helps authors and publishers build their brands and market their books and articles globally with ease. The journey of building Tale, a platform that many initially found hard to comprehend, reflects my unwavering commitment and audacity to bring a transformative idea to life.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Overcoming imposter syndrome and financial constraints has been my biggest challenge in developing Tale, a complex tech product, on a university student budget. To fund our project, we offered digital marketing services to various brands. Bootstrapping led to delays and obstacles, but we kept consumers engaged through innovative strategies. We launched the Tale Cabana, a YouTube series promoting creatives in Durban, which served as soft marketing activations. This approach kept the Tale name relevant and maintained consumer interest during development. Our resilience and creativity have been key to our success, ensuring Tale continues to grow and make an impact.