Zukelwa Mbiko

Unako Single Mothers Organization

What does your company do?

It alleviates the challenges faced by single mothers from impoverished backgrounds by offering mental health support and fulfilling basic needs such as food and clothing through donations and cultivating their own food in a school garden. This ensures that no child experiences hunger and empowers both mothers and children through a variety of skills projects. The organization also assists mothers in generating income from their garden projects to sustain their households.

What is your biggest success?

We have successfully provided food and clothing to beneficiary households during each school holidays by ensuring that they have an ample supply. This has been achieved through cultivating crops in the school garden and distributing second-hand clothing and essentials via our donation drives.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

In Kwazakhele Township, where we are located, the crime rate is alarmingly high. Theft has been the challenge but we managed to work through it, we nominated individuals who will protect the products in our garden and since then we have not had any issues but my corncern is retaining volunte7ers, they eagerly come leave as soon as another offer comes and this is due to the lack of income from our side. While individuals are passionate about supporting our cause, they also need to generate income to support their own households.