Zulfa Nkosi

Zulfas Glamour Girls Academy

What does your company do?

Zulfas Glamour Girls Academy is a training institute based in the townships of South Africa, dedicated to empowering individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our focus is on people with disabilities, women, youth (including boys), and particularly those attending LSEN schools. Through our skills development program, we equip our students with the tools they need to succeed in the beauty industry. We offer a variety of accredited courses, including:* Hair manufacturing* Airbrush makeup* Advanced nail technology* Hair installation and wig construction* Media and television makeup* And many more!Upon completion of our program, graduates receive multiple certifications, allowing them to:*Launch their own businesses in the beauty industryGain employment with strong recommendationsZulfas Glamour Girls Academy is more than just a beauty school; we are a catalyst for economic growth within the township community.

What is your biggest success?

Empowering Children with Disabilities: Zulfas Glamour Girls Academy could be recognized for its dedication to providing vocational training for children with disabilities. Their success could be measured by the number of graduates who go on to secure jobs in the beauty industry or launch their own businesses. Breaking Barriers: The academy might be celebrated for breaking down stereotypes and creating a space where children with disabilities can thrive. Success stories of students overcoming challenges and achieving their dreams could be a source of inspiration for others. Community Impact: Zulfas Glamour Girls Academy could be acknowledged for its positive impact on the community. They might be recognized for creating a more inclusive environment and empowering young people with disabilities.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

1. Financing: 2. Limited Resources: As a private entity, securing funding can be difficult, especially during slow periods. Negative Attitudes: Encounters with individuals who mock or question the value of training children with disabilities can further hinder fundraising efforts. 3. Individualised Needs: Children with disabilities have a wide range of needs. Providing effective training requires a high degree of personalization and attention to detail, which can be strenuous for your staff. 4. Facility Accessibility: Standard training facilities might not be equipped to accommodate a large group of children with disabilities. To train "big by bits" as you aim, modifications or a specially designed space may be necessary, adding to the cost. 5. Grant opportunities