Dawn Nathan-Jones

Entrepreneur and Over the Rainbow CEO

Dawn was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 21, she joined the Imperial Group and spent 35 years growing the car rental and affiliate businesses. In 2016, she stepped down as CEO to immerse herself in experiences that would allow her to give back. Her illustrious career didn’t end there, she launched into reality TV as the only female judge on the M-Net reality show Shark Tank South Africa. She then continued to spend her time engaging, empowering and growing women entrepreneurs through multiple initiatives. Dawn has joined forces with Lesley Waterkeyn of Over the Rainbow as the CEO.  A social enterprise company that provides entrepreneurs with the tools to equip and assist them in building thriving businesses. In 2021, they launched Smart Woman, an online course developed in collaboration with FAIRLADY that provides strategies and tools for women wanting to start a business or side hustle. 

WHAT DAWN WILL BE LOOKING FOR: ‘I am looking for women entrepreneurs who demonstrate vision, leadership and resilience and are passionate about improving the quality of life in their communities and the country. It is important for entrepreneurs to support and empower others to succeed in their own right.`