Dawn Nathan-Jones

Entrepreneur and Over the Rainbow CEO

Joining the panel for the seventh year is Dawn Nathan-Jones, an entrepreneur and CEO of Over the Rainbow, a social enterprise that provides entrepreneurs with training, mentorship and tools to assist them in building thriving businesses.

At the age of 21, Dawn joined the Imperial Group and spent 35 years growing the car rental and affiliate businesses. In 2016, she stepped down as CEO to immerse herself in multiple interventions to empower women entrepreneurs. Notably, she was the only female judge on the M-Net reality show Shark Tank South Africa.

In 2017, Dawn joined forces with Lesley Waterkeyn of Over the Rainbow. In 2021, they launched Smart Women, an online course developed in collaboration with FAIRLADY that guides women who want to start a business or side hustle.

Last year, Dawn, together with four strategic partners, launched the Entrepreneurs’ Network to develop sustainable businesses. ‘Entrepreneurs supporting and networking with one another is at the heart of everything we do.’

What Dawn will be looking for: ‘I am looking for women entrepreneurs who lead with a sense of purpose for themselves, their people, their communities and their companies. As women leaders, we have a moral obligation to uplift and encourage other women to overcome their fears and challenges, and leap into their own successful future.’