Dawn Nathan-Jones, Social Entrepreneur

Dawn Nathan-Jones is a dynamic entrepreneur and accomplished businesswoman with a career spanning over 35 years. She is most popularly recognised for her role as the only female ‘ Shark’ on M-Net’s Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs convince five self-made millionaires – the ‘Sharks’ – to invest in their businesses.  

Dawn’s illustrious career started at the age of 21 when she joined Imperial Car Rental’s co-founders, Carol Scott and Maureen Jackson. Together, the team of three determined women identified a gap in the market and took on car rental giants with only five cars and plenty of passion, grit and hard work.

Her ability to continuously innovate, reinvent and drive change later landed her the coveted position of CEO of the Imperial Group’s Car Rental Division. Dawn stepped down from her role as CEO at the end of 2015, after 18 years at the helm. She has embarked on a new journey to assist ambitious young entrepreneurs in building their fledgling businesses into successful enterprises.

The winner of a series of prestigious awards, including Women of the World in 2009 and other accolades in recognition of her contribution to Women in Business and community projects, Dawn has been a patron of many worthy causes, mainly focused on the education and upliftment of children.

Dawn lists soul-time as a vital ingredient to success. That, and a balanced and healthy life connects her with reality and puts life into perspective, she says. Dawn lives in Cape Town with her 12-year-old son Daniel.