Dawn Nathan-Jones, Social Entrepreneur

Dawn Nathan-Jones has been on the judging panel for the past two years, and has mentored several winners. ‘I salute FAIRLADY and Santam for providing a platform for female entrepreneurs to be recognised for the contribution they continue to make towards our economy.’

Dawn is a renowned entrepreneur, award-winning business leader and a professional speaker. Her legacy lies in her work as a pioneer of the Imperial Car Rental company, known more recently as Europcar. When she stepped down as CEO in 2016, Dawn took on the role as the only female Shark in M-Net reality show Shark Tank SA.

Her passion for female and youth development stems from her role as a successful businesswoman and from her ability to understand the difficulties women in particular face in starting businesses. As a result, Dawn focuses on empowering female startups with innovative skill sets to succeed. This is deeply rewarding for her as she believes that most people can make a difference, no matter how big or small their business.

WHAT DAWN WILL BE LOOKING FOR: Dawn believes that passion is not enough to differentiate us. Technology has changed the world for entrepreneurs. ‘It’s vital that women embrace technology to enhance their businesses.’