Suzy Brokensha

FAIRLADY Editor-in-Chief

Suzy Brokensha is passionate about recognising and rewarding South African women who have started their own businesses. ‘South African women have always had to hustle,’ she says. ‘It’s not unusual. But the fact is they’re often overlooked when it comes to being supported and recognised in the business world, and I think it’s important to rectify that. Like FAIRLADY, Santam is determined to do something about it, and we’re delighted to partner with them in this initiative.’ 

‘This is the ninth year we’ve awarded South African women entrepreneurs,’ she says, ‘and I still stand in awe of what they manage to accomplish under incredibly difficult conditions. As they say, ‘’Necessity is the mother of invention’’, and there’s no doubt there’s a lot of necessity at the moment! But inventing is one thing; carrying an idea through to fruition is another. The ingenuity and determination of these women astounds me every year.’

Suzy Brokensha has been at the helm of FAIRLADY through its many transitions. Under her leadership, this iconic South African brand has grown and diversified while still retaining its authentic, original and uniquely South African voice. ‘FAIRLADY is written about, for and by South African women,’ says Suzy. ‘We understand their hopes, fears and dreams because we share them. We know that every women secretly yearns to be in control of her time and her income because it gives her the economic freedom to make the independent choices she needs to make. We believe that female entrepreneurship can transform the South African landscape, not only economically but also in terms of gender equality.

WHAT SUZY WILL BE LOOKING FOR: I’m looking for a smart idea that has been expertly navigated through the widespread problems caused by lack of electricity and public sector inefficiencies – one that’s strong enough to thrive in this current climate.’