Suzy Brokensha, FAIRLADY Editor

FAIRLADY Editor Suzy Brokensha believes that women can make a critical difference to South Africa’s fragile economy. ‘The figures coming out of South Africa – and the rest of the world – are really shocking in terms of the number of women who rise to board positions, let alone CEOs of companies. And yet it’s very apparent in South Africa that many women are running their own small businesses, and in many cases those small businesses are propping up and supporting communities.`

Suzy Brokensha has been the editor of FAIRLADY for the past 15 years. Under her leadership, this iconic South African brand has grown and diversified while still retaining its authentic, original and passionately South African voice.

Before starting her magazine career at Cosmopolitan magazine, Suzy lectured in Semiotics and Sociolinguistics at the AAA School of Advertising. She then founded PARTWORKS, where she edited various successful customer titles and continued to freelance REMOVE STUFF ON THE EDITED PAGE magazines, winning several prestigious awards for her own writing.

Suzy went back into consumer publishing again to edit Marie Claire before she was offered the editorship of FAIRLADY in 2005..

WHAT SUZY WILL BE LOOKING FOR: I’ll be looking for a woman with a great idea that can take both her business and the South African economy forward.