Suzy Brokensha, FAIRLADY Editor in Chief

Suzy Brokensha is passionate about getting more women into the South African workplace – not just because she believes the only real route to self-sufficiency is through economic independence, but also because she believes that women’s businesses have the power to transform the South African economy.

‘South African women are smart and hardworking, of course. But they are also real entrepreneurs in the sense that they are resilient freethinkers. When your electricity is being cut off regularly, or you can’t rely on public transport or other public services, you need to be able to think on your feet. That toughness and make-a-plan attitude stood us in good stead during Covid, and I think many of the businesses that survived the past two years are really going to fly now,’ she says.

Suzy Brokensha has been at the helm of FAIRLADY through its many transitions. Under her leadership, this iconic South African brand has grown and diversified while still retaining its authentic, original and uniquely South African voice. The magazine continues to increase its readership, something Suzy puts down to the fact that the content reflects the real life that women are living. ‘FAIRLADY is written about, for and by South African women,’ says Suzy. ‘We understand their hopes, fears and dreams because they are our lived experience too. We know that every women secretly yearns to be in control of her time and her income, which is what being an entrepreneur is all about. That’s why FAIRLADY is so determined to help those women, every step of the way.’

WHAT SUZY WILL BE LOOKING FOR: I am looking for a business that has managed to thrive despite difficult circumstances, because I know the woman behind it will be a powerhouse.’