Dr Carolyn Hancock, Social Entrepreneur 2020

Dr Carolyn Hancock, chairperson at Thembelihle School and Angels’ Care, and director at The DNA Project.

When Dr Carolyn Hancock came across a group of 120 learners and their teacher in a dilapidated classroom, she was galvanised into launching a project aimed at providing a safe, productive learning environment. In 2011 she opened the doors of Thembelihle Primary School in Howick, KZN, to 400 local boys and girls. In 2013 she also became the chairperson of Angels’ Care, which focuses on children’s education and nutrition, and support for victims of gender-based violence.

‘For NPOs such as ours, it’s all about sustainability and service delivery – that’s what sets us apart from any normal business model,’ Carolyn says. ‘When I entered the competition, it was about being able to get our work “out there” so people would know more about our organisations.

‘I’m happy to report that we were able to pay our staff throughout the pandemic, and we’ll be able to continue doing so this year. Overall, I think we were able to make a significant impact on our 400 children. We are truly grateful for the opportunities arising from this competition.’

To learn more about Carolyn`s social projects, visit https://www.angelscare.co.za/ and  https://www.thembelihleschool.co.za/.