Leandri Pitout


What does your company do?

Thrpy is the perfect place to relax and relieve stress, especially during those early days of your baby’s life.We have qualified and professional therapists that offer hydrotherapy and baby massage that helps to relax tension, teething, cramps, aches, and pains. Creating a natural placement and balance of the body. Babies who participate in hydrotherapy and massage treatments are proven to be more intelligent and socially adventurous, better coordinated, have better self-esteem, and have more independence and confidence.

What is your biggest success?

personally our biggest success I would say is building a brand and awareness of Hydrotherapy for little ones in Western cape being the first Hydro spa. Being recognized and associated with great brands and influencers in the area that was once just a dream becomes more a reality as each month in our new established young business.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Biggest hurdle for my business to date I would say is a personal hurdle more, the fear of failure. It is a top concern for women who launch startups in this world we live in. It once again stems from this lack of confidence that has been ingrained into us from a young age I would personally say. However as each month and stepping stone opens in the business I realize, there is nothing that we cannot overcome, and the hurdles should not hold us back from achieving our goals.

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