Mapula Ramothwala

Kiddo - Cool

What does your company do?

Body order can be a burden to tweens who are self - conscious and are afraid of sticking out from the crowd and at the same time they might not be aware that they have a problem with personal hygiene. This is a problem that Kiddo - Cool seeks to solve. Kiddo Cool currently manufactures tweens hygiene cosmetic products, we currently manufacture deodorants and foot powders with a strong desire for growth to soaps, wipes, sanitizers, aquas creams , shampoo etc... to restore confidence in our young people.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success is that I have answered the prayers of many mothers. Some actually thought their children had a problem because they experienced body odor at an early age. They were actually relieved to find out that many children have a similar situations and that it’s not a sickness but reality. And that Kiddo Cool is here as a solution to their cry.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

It’s still finances to expand, marketing and production of more products for the range.

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