‘The Uber of Waste Removal’, Boombadotmobi is a waste management business that collects construction waste, garden refuse and general rubbish, and then disposes of it responsibly. By partnering with local farmers, Nondumiso ensures that your green waste is converted into compost, and by partnering with eco-brick organisations, that your general rubbish can be transformed into sustainable garden beds. Boombadotmobi also reuses collected rubble for road rehabilitation in townships.

At first, all Nondumiso wanted was to see her neighbourhood clean again – and the children, safe. Today, Boombadotmobi has grown so much that they are assisting with waste disposal all over Gauteng. As well as having a positive impact on the environment, Nondumiso’s company also creates jobs for unemployed people living in townships.

Nondumiso raves about ‘the power of the media’. After landing the title of Rising Star, Boombadotmobi has gained many partnerships deals, and customer numbers have grown exponentially, as has she, she says: ‘As a businesswoman, I am learning to be more confident in my negotiations, to be firm and to create a transparent business.’

Nondumiso’s business has also been selected for Fetola, FNB’s Social Entrepreneurship Impact Lab.

With the R50 000 prize, Boombadotmobi has been able to step it up technologically – a great asset to a small business with big plans. ‘We invested half of it into high-end communication gadgets to enable digital marketing and a social media presence,’ she explains. The rest of the prize money was used to take on bigger projects. ‘Winning the Rising Star award has opened opportunities for Boombadotmobi that I believe would have taken years to access otherwise.’

Most importantly for Nondumiso, their award has people talking about the environment. ‘This win has helped us reach our goal of having cleaner townships and overall, a cleaner South Africa.’ ‘Winning the Rising Star award has opened up opportunities for Boombadotmobi that I believe would have taken years to access otherwise.’

Visit: https://boombadotmobi.co.za/