‘Winning this award opened so many doors for me,’ says Phillipa Geard, founder and CEO of RecruitMyMom, an SA-born online recruitment agency that has helped countless women find jobs that allow them to integrate their careers and family lives.

As a mother of two, Phillipa has a keen understanding of the issues facing mothers 
n SA. After having left her corporate job 
to focus on her family, she decided that it was time to re-enter the workforce. But this time she wasn’t looking for a full-time, in-office position. Philippa was lucky to find something that suited her needs, but she knows that many other mothers aren’t as lucky. She saw the gap in the market and founded RecruitMyMom in 2012.

The online platform targets small and medium-sized enterprises, and places permanent and contract employees in both office and virtual home-based roles. It’s been so successful that it led to her branching out to help the unemployed youth in SA with RecruitAGraduate. For her innovative thinking, Phillipa was awarded the WOTF award, and since then, her company has gone from strength to strength. 

‘The media exposure from FAIRLADY, Santam, and other outlets has really raised awareness of RecruitMyMom. We’ve seen about a 40% increase in the number of moms who have joined our site, and a 15% growth in revenue as employers sought out our incredible candidates on RecruitMyMom.

‘The award was a public affirmation of what we are doing as a company and the social impact we are having 
on women. ‘The whole competition 
experience has been wonderful. Winning this award can change your life.’

‘We’ve seen about a 40% increase in the number of moms who have joined our site.’

Visit https://www.recruitmymom.co.za/