2023 Readers`Choice Award

Marcia Monareng of Millennial Mindset Media

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA-OCTOBER 13: Santam Women of the Future Awards in assocation with FAIRLADY and TRUELOVE (Photos by Gallo Images/Media24/Luba Lesolle)

Marcia, who is the founder and CEO of Millennial Mindset Media, is not just an entrepreneur but also a visionary who is shaping the future of digital marketing, empowering young people and having a positive impact on her community.

Wishing to create inclusive spaces for black female creatives, she launched Millennial Mindset Media in January 2021. It is an agency that aims to uplift young people through an avant-garde approach to digital marketing. This is not your typical creative firm. It is a 100% blackowned and female-led business that focuses on personalised solutions and close client collaboration. But what truly sets it apart is its mission.

‘South Africa’s high youth unemployment isn’t just due to a lack of education,’ Marcia says. ‘Many talented young people are sidelined because of their “lack of experience”. We’re changing that.’

By engaging young freelancers and influencers for marketing campaigns, Millennial Mindset Media provides a platform for them to showcase their skills.

Despite the business being just two years old, it has achieved remarkable success. ‘We began as a freelancer model and now we have a team of five full-time and parttime employees,’ Marcia says.

Their client base expanded, and they clinched two South African Social Media Awards, solidifying their presence in the industry.

Marcia’s vision of success includes making a significant impact on the townships in which they operate. By contributing to the local economy, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and engaging in social initiatives, her agency can become a catalyst for change and upliftment in underserved communities.

The entrepreneurial journey has its ups and downs, Marcia says. She has learnt that remaining resilient in the face of challenges, being able to adapt to changing client needs and continuously learning are key to success.

‘What keeps me going is remembering where I come from and knowing that what I am building is bigger than myself. Millennial Mindset Media will change the lives of many young people looking to venture into the marketing industry, and it will have a real impact on the communities and companies it engages with.’

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For more information, visit https://millennialmindsetmedia.com/